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What's in a name?
Lydia Carter

Really, what's in a name? I've sat back for years and watched women give unique names to their children and I never really knew the meaning behind any of them. But now, as I look back I am convinced that the name doesn't make the person, the person makes the name.

I was born Lydia, and in the bible(Acts 16) she was a seller of purple, a business woman, and a Christian who offered people into her home so they could attend to the Spoken Word. Our roles are quite similar yet, I didn't revolve my passions around her achievement. My passions were born from a place of determination and compassion.

So what's in a name? Hmm, I prefer what's in the person who has the name. Get this...If jobs were based on the name of the individual, it would be easy to weed out names that appeared ethnic and cling to the more common names within our society. But gratefully, Human Resouce departments all over this great nation does something called interviews allowing the company to get a deeper look at the person and weigh in their qualifications rather than their names.