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Luqman Qadi's Writings

Short Story
The Splendor of Fate
Silhouette A silhouette of faith I see, creating in me a desire to free, my deeds of past, and the mass of broken promises made by me. If I should fall upon my knees, and pray to whom I cannot see. The reward they say, is beyond compare (I wouldn’t dare, nor would I share) what it is that is hindering me.  I’ve looked within, and my degree of sin, creates...
Short Story
I Too Will Sing a Song
Excerpt of I Too Will Sing A Song “Auntie, how long ya know Gamma?” Sharon asks as she place’s her hands under her chin, and resting her elbows on her knees.  Roberta feeling the sincerity of little Sharon’s question, replies in a compassionate tone, “We noe each other foe a long time baby”   “Do ya feel real warm inside foe Gamma?”    “What ya mean...