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Expressionism: The Findings of a Man
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Chapter I  During the beginning of the cold winter months of January 2008; it seemed as though my feet had traveled seventy-times-seventy thousand steps during the plight of my losing all that I held sacred-and the exiled from the place of my birth. My body held the weight of my heart during those lonely and painful steps in life. Hunger had been a companion, and my desire for relief communed with me daily. With only the shirt on my back, I fought vigorously to overcome the spirit of insanity, as I pressed on to find a better tomorrow-at least that was my hope. The nights whispered to my tiredness, and each morning presented no promises. The weary state of my mind and body led me to a tree in a remote place that seemed to be so free and at peace. While I sat at this place of refuge, my mind reflected in a repetitious cadence, the many thoughts that accompanied me-during the days and nights wandering back and forth upon the concrete paths under my feet going to nowhere. To stay focused, and to keep my fears from robbing my mind, I comforted myself in the assurance that things were not going to remain the way they appeared, and that the condition I was experiencing was only temporary, and a brighter day was just around one of those corners that were ahead of me. After reflecting on my poignant state, I slumbered under this tree. The morning finally made its appearance. I opened my eyes, and whispered a salutation towards the heavens, thanking God for another day of breath. There was a chill in the air, and the snow which surrounded me-appeared as a blanket of crystal covering a field of pearls. The clouds in the heavens were cradled in serenity, as they traversed across the blue skies above my head. The cold crisp air, presented the scent of fresh water-which made my mouth very dry. I could hear the infant bird’s summoning for its mother to nourish its hunger, and the swiftness I heard in her wings, confirmed her concern of the infant birds needs. The beauty of this creation around me, created warmth within, but sadness surfaced and engulfed my heart, because I must leave this serene place I feel so at peace in and journey into the Hell of reality in those streets that were ahead of me. So, rising from the ground where I rested my weary body, I began the journey to wherever, to keep defeat from being the victor of my soul.

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