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The Present Plus the Past May Equal the Future After All
Soccer At Sixty

I used to write a lot about my checkered past in the music business, interesting mainly to me, like most bores. I always loved football (soccer) as a boy and so rediscovering my love of the game at age 60 has revealed itself as a far healthier way to relate the past to something I'm passionate about in the present. It feels healthier than wittering on about some pop group that failed 30 odd years ago.

Soccer allows me fond memories, links to my Dad and younger brother, the thrill of watching games right now, but it also allows me a vital link with my 7 year old son - it's a gateway to the future.

So I've become a soccer writer, I have press credentials with MLS team San Jose Earthquakes, write a column for SoccerNewsday.com.

I have a blog of my own: http://valleyofsoccergods.wordpress.com/

Beyond that, I have actually started training to play again - I have a Twitter feed @SoccerAtSixty - please give me follow and support the initially painful business of becoming healthy enough to play a running game at the age of 60.

I still play my guitar but these days it's just in the living room for the joy of watching my 7 year old son and daughter dance!

When I kick a soccer ball I'm simultaneously connected to my past, the present, and the future!