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10. Microwave
9. Electric stove and oven
8. Computers
7. Clothes Dryer
6. Refrigerator
5. Television
4. Lights
3. Water Heater
2. Air conditioning and cooling
1. Heating

What can you do about this? Eat raw vegetables (that you grew yourself), while reading an antique book, by candle light when it gets dark. Wash yourself and your clothes in the river and dry both in the sun. If the weather gets hot, sit in the shade and wear a tee shirt, if you’re cold put on a sweater. Walk everywhere.

Yeah, yeah, I know, that sounds like a lousy kind of life. But what if there was no more oil, what if there was no more credit, what if this becomes our children’s lives … or even ours?

Now go out and drive around looking for a nice mall so you can buy stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have in order to distract you from this scenario! Mind how you go…

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hmmmm. Frugal as I try to be,

hmmmm. Frugal as I try to be, I'm guilty of consuming your top 10 list.  I can't read in the dark because my eyesight is poor,   I don't sleep with airconditioner but my kids do, I still the water heater even though I live in a tropical country, clothes dryer I need when it's rainy,  TV I could do without but my kids will raise a fit!  ... Hmmm.  Maybe if I got rid of the kids then I'd be able to scratch of many items in your top 10 list?  But then, I'd be a bad mother!  :-)

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where you're planted

Well, Luke, there are plenty of folks in the world who do without just about everything on your list. But they don't live in the kind of societies where we live.

We wouldn't even know how to survive in other areas. We have been brought up to depend on many items on your list.

What to do? Be conscious of your choices. As you say--let's be aware of buying what we DON'T NEED, especially WITH MONEY WE DON'T HAVE. Check the list--is there something you could eliminate? Or could you substitute something that is less draining on energy? You can change.

Good thinking, Luke. Thanks

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Small changes add up

Thank you Dolores - sometimes it's easy to feel overwhelmed, that we're just powerless grains of sand on the beach but within our family we try to do what we can to make a small difference for a better world - even if ultimately it doesn't work we have the satisfaction of knowing we tried. Eg. we have a very small back yard but stuck a couple of cheap solar panels up on the garage roof and now have garden night lights and even a small fountain running off them. Thnaks for your comments and support - helps a lot! :) Best wishes to you.

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about the money thing

I live on what is so often referred to as "a fixed income." I have a lot of friends in the same category. I hear stories of using one credit card to pay off another. That's absolutely frightening to me! The horror of interest.

One of my rules of life is to live on my monthly income. Only when I get to the end of the month do I know if I can splurge--never at the beginning even though I see all that cash in my checking account. And sometimes the overage at month's end goes into savings.

I don't draw out of savings except in an emergency--when there is no other way. You see, I know that I'll have to replace the roof on my house in the not too distant future. That is gonna need a bundle of money, and I don't plan to go into debt to do it. My income can't manage being in debt with interest to pay. 

It's a way of thinking. It's being realistic, knowing who you really are.

Good to know you, Luke.