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May 2009

I am an American writer living in the slums of Mexico. I'm gentle, and only a few would say funny... the "cheese" factor really comes into play there. I'm honest, but I do lie. I'm laid-back, but up for adventure. I'm an artist and a writer, creative & often inspired, but procrastination does reign supreme. I love the simple things & am in "ah" of the big ones. I try to live for the now, but the past & the future are my ever faithful companions. I'm a romantic who loves the classics, but I'll always stop for the next big thing. I would like to say my comfort lies in consistency, but as you can tell...I'm rather inconsistent.

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Writing. Art. Lotsa coffee. Music. Martinis. Sci-fi. Friends. Love. Play. Theatre. Change. Ice Cream. Asking Why. Not Asking How. Honesty. Pugnacity. Obscenity. Sexuality. Good Health. Proactivity. Guacamole. Dancing. Stillness. Traveling. Smoking My Ciggies. Silence. Learning the Rules. Breaking the Rules. Reading Myself to Sleep. Conflict. Gin & Tonic. Sunshine. Salsa. Good Beer. Clowning. Speaking Spanish. Community. Road Trips. You.