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When I go from tuning a Steinway Grand to an old beat-up spinet, I get the aural bends. While I’m in this frame of mind, people should never make the mistake of asking what I think of these little mutants because I am no longer tactful. I don't care at all how emotionally attached a person is...
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It was Tom Wolfe who called me at my home in Bergen County, New Jersey, and said, “Go get the story, Luce!” In his journalistic mind, I was the perfect person to cover the race riots in New Haven since it was my hometown and I had jammed and gigged on piano in the black jazz clubs around Yale...
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Last year Emily, my then-one-year-old grey tabby, was following me all over the house. She wanted to be in my arms every minute and I couldn’t get anything done. It was time to find a friend for her, so I went to the local animal shelter. All of their cats were beautiful, clean, healthy, neutered,...
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When the anonymous voice on the phone told me that the mayor was planning to take my property under Eminent Domain, I remember saying, “Could he do such a thing?” The answer was “Yes.” Then I asked, ”Would he do such a thing?” and the answer was an emphatic, “You bet!”     ...
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It happened when I was in my ninth month of pregnancy. My neighbor in the next apartment, Joan, was in her eighth month and neither one of us could sleep that night.  We decided to stay up and play cards after our husbands went to bed.  I clearly remember sitting at her dining room table...
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