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What´s in a name?

I have to clear things up about a previous blog post before my brothers (who occasionally read what I write) call me insensitive. I said I was supposed to be called Simone and that my mother changed her mind and called me Luciana because of a popular song at the time. I also said I like the name Simone better. I didn´t mean, by all means, to criticize my mother´s choice. In fact everytime I listen to the song I think that she might have loved me very much, because it´s a beautiful and touching song. I was the girl she wanted for so long, and I´m sure she thought Luciana was the most beautiful name in the world. The little time we had to get to know each other (she died I was 7) was enough for me to feel how much she cared for us, kids.

I like Luciana. I just happen to like Simone better, ok guys?

If you´d like to listen to the song (it´s really beautiful), here it is, performed by Evinha, who won Best singer in the 1969 Brazilian Music Festival, with that song.

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Luciana, it's beautiful...

thank you so much for sharing it! I can see why your mom loved the song and why she named you for it. Me, I have to hear many times: "Were you named after Jennifer Cavalleri?" (A character in Erich Segal's Love Story, played by Ali McGraw) Answer is always the same: Nope, no, and she was wrong: love is about saying you're sorry.

Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room

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I think both names are

I think both names are beautiful, but it's particularly touching--having lost your mother at such a tender age--that there is a story behind your given name.

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Jennifer and Ellen, thank

Jennifer and Ellen, thank you for your kindness!