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Translating, or The Art of Building Bridges

I´m really excited about my next translation project. I´ll be translating Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary, by N. Katherine Hayles, into Portuguese, to be released next August in the 13th National Literary Journey, here in Passo Fundo.

The main reason I´m excited about this (and about all my other projects so far) is because I feel I´m helping people have access to something that can change or expand the way they see the world. That´s how I see this job. As a translator, I´m shortening distances and building connections between cultures. I´m this hybrid who stays in between these two worlds trying to put them in touch with each other. Nothing pleases me more than wearing my winged sandals.

Electronic Literature will help Brazilian teachers  open their students´ and their own horizons, regarding the possibility of expression in the literary universe. They´ll be able to reflect and discuss about new possibilities of bringing literature to classrooms filled with digital natives - as in the case of some schools, or of using literature as a means of digital inclusion in low-income neighborhoods. This discussion is not new, but it has been going on only among those who can read in English, mostly. With the translation, it´ll be available to all.

I can hardly wait to start!