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I am not young enough to know everything

When I was fifteen years old I used to wear combat boots, a backpack, lots of buttons on my jacket - most of them with messages like "Direct Elections for Brazil", "Democracy now", "Save our rainforest", "Peace in the world", - and, in addition, I used to think I knew everything.

Approaching my forties now, I´m pretty much the same idealistic girl, except that I am certain there are a lot of things I don´t know. And it feels sooo good! 

Really, there´ll always be certain grammar rules I´ll never master, certain people I´ll never understand - I´ll just have to love them the way they are-, certain places I´ll never visit, certain information I´ll never get. They dwell in a place I like to call maybeonedaywhoknows. So, I don´t concentrate on them.

Instead, I look around. 

And in one of those times I was looking around, I found the Red Room. 

I love to read the blog posts, I love to exchange ideas with the other bloggers, to learn about writing and to know more about their books.

I brushed off that teenage know-it-all attitude many years ago (It didn´t last too much, I couldn´t possibily keep up with that as soon as I started working...), and it´s amazing how much I learned since then. Quoting Oscar Wilde : I´m not young enough to know everything.

I´ve been a member since October. And, with the holidays approaching, I´d like to thank Red Room and Red Roomers for becoming a part of my journey, and accepting me in yours.




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While aging, you don't lose anything; you just pile on veneers.

Luciana, your candid soul-bearing rings of sweet honesty. Take heart.  Even when you've lived to be much older than "approaching 40," inside you will find that you are still much of what you were.

In Citizen Kane, Charles Foster Kane's final spoken word was, "Rosebud."

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Citizen Kane

Dennis, thanks for reminding me of Citizen Kane. Yes, the sled. Sad, but beautiful.

Have you seen Big Fish ?


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As Said Victor Hugo...

Comme disait Victor Hugo," All what I know is that I know nothing!"(In French:Tout ce que je sais,c'est que je ne sais rien.)

I hope the videos have worked this time.

Happy Christmas


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Huis Clos

Yes, and long before him, Socrates. Wise men. Thanks for commenting!

I did watch the video.  Garcin´s line fits perfectly, doesn´t it? And just like in the play, we´ll only be able to envision some parts of ourselves through other people. They can reveal our best or our worst.


Luciana Lhullier (Red Room member)

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Which you video did you watch?Could youDrop a comment under it? The feed back would help. Do you know that the video "Blowing in the wind" is a Western inspired by Dylan's song and "Susanna" is a burlesque made after the same song.

People who watched them say they're funny.Do you ?

PS I'm sending you the novel.