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Cuíca for all

I loooove music! I´m not interested in the celebrity world of music. Actually, I couldn´t care less. I love sound. Hearing is a sense that really has a lot of effect on me. A beautiful voice either in music or conversation can touch me deep inside. Also, I can recognize the different layers of musical instruments that take part in a song. One of my favorites is the cuíca (the one in the picture). It has a very high, squeaky pitch, that is also called a choro (cry). So we say the cuíca is crying.

In his latest album, América Brasil , the great artist Seu Jorge (love his voice, too) has two beautiful songs with a lot of cuíca in them. One of them is Mina do Condomínio , where a cuíca solo opens the piece, and another one is América do Norte, where you can hear a cuíca and a violin playing together - unusual and amazing combination. I was thrilled the first time I listened to it. So, I´d like to share them with you:

Mina do Condomínio (observe the cuíca player- many cuíca players have that attitude - cheerful, silly happy)


América do Norte 


Do you like music/sound? Do you have a favorite sound or musical instrument?