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The Terrorists of Irustan
The Terrorists of Irustan
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Louise gives an overview of the book:

Womein in a repressive society rebel against the veil.
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Womein in a repressive society rebel against the veil.

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About Louise

Louise Marley is a former concert and opera singer who now writes fulltime. She is a two-time Endeavour Award winner, has had several ALA Best Books of the Year honors, and two Nebula nominations. Her bibliography includes science fiction, fantasy, and young adult fantasy, as...

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"A rich story of cultural revolution. The singers of the ice planet Nevya use their musical psi-powers to hold back the deadly cold. In Sing the Light, young singer Sira loses faith in doctrine after a...


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Marley, a musician and writer, has produced a stunning drama inspired by the life of Teresa Saporiti, the first Donna Anna. Teresa, an aspiring singer, was turned into a...