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The Kindle kindles unease
BookExpo just ended in Los Angeles, and Jeff Bezos attracted a lot of attention as he announced that Amazon.com's Kindle booksales now amount to 6% of overall sales. According to the reporter, word about the Kindle's ease of use and growing popularity both "energized and unnerved" attendees at BookExpo. Here's part of what he wrote:

. . . excitement about the Kindle, which was introduced in November, also worries some publishing executives, who fear Amazon’s still-growing power as a bookseller. Those executives note that Amazon currently sells most of its Kindle books to customers for a price well below what it pays publishers, and they anticipate that it will not be long before Amazon begins using the Kindle’s popularity as a lever to demand that publishers cut prices. 

And also of interest to us spec fic writers and readers was this tidbit:

. . . several books by little-known authors scheduled for publication were being pushed hard by publishers. Those include two that use witches, of a sort, as their protagonists and one whose author is in shaman training.

One, “The Heretic’s Daughter,” is a novel about Martha Carrier, the first woman to be accused, tried and hanged as a witch in Salem, Mass. The author, Kathleen Kent, is a 10th-generation descendant of Carrier (though not a witch herself, said Reagan Arthur, an editor at the book’s publisher, Little, Brown). Another, “The Lace Reader,” by Brunonia Barry, is set in modern-day Salem, where the narrator hails from a family of women who can read the future in a pattern of lace. The novel, being published by William Morrow in July, was previously self-published by the author.

 Previously self-published?  OMG, not again.  Now there will be a flood of hopefuls deciding that self-publishing is the way to get started! 

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