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Wasn't That a Time?

I'm just back from the World Fantasy Convention, a conference attended by writers, editors, agents, and readers that was held in San Jose, CA this year.  As always, with this group of people devoted to the written word, I'm amazed at how creative they are--every one of them.  Writers don't just write--they paint, they make jewelry, they cook, they garden.  They also often make music of every kind.

And so do I!  The new CD of my vintage folk group, Earthwood, just came out, and it made me think about the ways in which creative people find outlets for their compulsion.  I've known a number of writers who have sworn off writing for some reason or other, but they always come back, somehow, to being creators of art.  I guess we can't help ourselves.

More later on the words of wisdom I heard at the convention from editors and agents and some pretty impressive writers.  Oh, and the link to our YouTube clip is here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7OMvVMfqEM