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Not-so-random act of kindness

I did one of those dumb things that can cause so much trouble. I left my debit card in the ATM machine at my bank, and didn't realize it until I took out my wallet at the grocery store. I spent half an hour on the phone with the bank getting it temporarily deactivated, and then I got a phone call. A high school girl had found the card, looked me up in the book, and called to make arrangements to return it.

Cool, right? But it gets better. When I met her after school yesterday--a tall, well-spoken, slender young lady--I gave her a copy of SINGER IN THE SNOW, knowing no other way to properly thank her for her trouble. She left the coffee shop, and I watched through the window as she opened the book, looked at the inscription, read the back, and then stopped and turned around. She came back to me, and said, "Didn't you write THE GLASS HARMONICA? I loved that book!"

Wow. It was a moment. Not only did I get to meet a lovely young person (whose parents should be very, very proud) but there was a moment, one of those that keeps us all writing.

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What a wonderful story of synchronicity! I bet this kind young reader grows up to be a writer too...

Rebecca Goldman