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 Last weekend, kenyonsf and I were guests at the very first of what I hope--and lots of people in the South hope--will be many OmegaCon Science Fiction Conventions. There were problems, birth pains, if you will, but the enthusiasm of the 3500 fans who attended was a reminder of why this genre is a living, growing community. There were lots of costumes, lots of gamers, a few television and film personalities (love that Paranormal State cast, I just LOVE 'em!)and quite a few writers, some very well known, like Mike Resnick and Steven Brust and the GOH, David Drake, and not a few midlisters. But we all, writers and fans and gamers alike, share that sense of fun that is at the heart of fandom, and which informs the fascinating phenomenon that is a sci-fi convention, as the mundanes call it. (The mundanes can't help it. They don't know that we on the inside, the cognoscenti if you will, call it sf.)

Earthwood Returned, as promised! The audience was on the small side, but my boys and I had a lovely time. CD's will be forthcoming, I hope, by the end of this year.

Kay Kenyon launched the second in her magnificent quartet of novels at the con, energetically supported by the booksellers of Books-A-Million.

Kenyon and I have been on a mission to attend conventions far from home, to meet fans who we otherwise might only encounter online. It was worth it! I met some delightful readers who have been following my work for ten years, and that in itself was worth the twelve hours of flying and waiting and frustration that it took to get to and from Birmingham, AL, from Seattle, WA.

My dear children, if any of you are still waiting to try a con, stop waiting. Go. You never know what delights await you.

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Discovering OmegaCon for the First Time

It looks like a ball—and thanks for including pictures! I’m a huge sf/fantasy fan, but I never thought I knew enough about the genre to attend a convention. From your blog, it seems like the focus is more on fun than on how much you know. I’m going to be sure to attend the next one. Do you know if every OmegaCon is going to be held in Alabama, or will it be hosted in different cities each year?

Lauren Sapala, redroom.com