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I highly recommend it.
Jul 2008

A professional journalist for 21 years, Lou Carlozo is a former Chicago Tribune features columnist and the current lead music critic at the Christian Century, as well as the author of the "Green Dad" column at DealNews.com. A contributor to Downbeat, Billboard and TapeOp, Lou is also the author of the textbook "Tap Your Passion: The Art and Heart of Reporting and Writing." He can turn copy so fast, clean and crisp it will make your editor's head swim. But he still can't eat lunch without getting spaghetti sauce on his shirt.

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Studio musician and award-winning songwriter; my song "Elvis In The Sky" is in the 2008 movie "Eden Court" starring Thomas Lennon and Kimberly Williams.

Video editing and production.

Mentoring young writers and musicians.

Voice characterizations.