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Your End of Summer Read Awaits!

Dear fellow writers,

In the vein of "never give up," Girlfriendbooks.com just reviewed my novel, FAT CHICK. http://ning.it/pc6uLH. The book came out in November 2009.

Its debut was not heralded in book review sections, nor did I get guest spots on morning shows. My name is not Candace or Jodi, and my publisher is a small press.

I used social media and when I heard about a female freindly blog that reviewed books, I contacted them and hoped for the best. And I never stopped. 

I actaully contacted Girlfriendbooks in January, so you see how long it took, but it was worth the wait. An infusion of outside interest/praise is just when the book needs right now. 

How did I come upon the site? A writer friend of mine "Liked" them on Facebook. Other writers' blogs, websites, FB LinkedIn and Twitter pages are great resources. I look to see whom they are connecting with, reviewed by, etc. and follow those leads.

As I got my heads up from another writer, I am paying it forward and hoping you have equally successful results.