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Reviews: The Good, The Bad, The Non-Existent

I feel like the Blanche DuBois of authors, solely dependent upon the kindness of strangers -- at least when it comes to getting the word out about my book.

I feel very fortunate to have been published in the first place by my small press, even though there is no fanfare (book party) and no in-house PR group to pimp me all over creation. I know some people who have been published by big houses who had to send themselves on book tours (aka on their own dime). 

The thing is, my book is print on demand (POD to those in the know) and so there were no advance copies to be sent out. I feel quite frankly, stupid, that we wasted 100 copies, sending them out to reviewers who treat a book that's already out as though it is covered in anthrax.

Social Media (my Facebook friends and LinkedIn colleagues, as well as Twitter) and just telling everyone I know to tell someone they know is my PR campaign. I am touched that people I have not seen in decades have stepped up to offer assistance: a friend from college who is now a PR guy is writing a couple of articles about the book for me; a former camp friend has a son who knows more about making Social Media work is advising; and people are reviewing me on Amazon. 

Slow and steady wins the race -- at least in my case. (Unlike Sarah Palin whose book debuted at number one and had sold two million dollars worth in pre-sales.) Perhaps some day I'll know that success. When that day comes, I hope I know what to do with it.