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How Slow Can You Go?
Summer reading. Summer reading. Summer reading.

In my saga of agent finding, I have had two more requests for the first 50 pages via my Bookblaster-ing. I guess some people are not as diligent about checking/responding to emails as are others.

In the meantime, I am composing a query letter apropos the Stephan King book I mentioned last post to send out snail mail to NYC agents. It's slow in the coming because quite frankly, I'm a bit intimidated -- as well as exhausted from even thinking about the whole process of trying to get published. But just like the rest of you, I carry on.

So I don't lose my mind waiting for agents -- akin to watching paint dry -- I am writing two essays to send to the Metro section of the NYTimes and the Modern Love column of the Times, respectively. Also, I have my column, which this week stars Al Pacino and...my daughter  http://gnf73.th8.us.

Good writing karma to all.