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Wake Up


I have been an office rat since I graduated college 13 years ago. I detest the corporate world, but I thrive in it like a cockroach in the city dump. Not because I am smart, not because I am educated, but because I make the right people like me. That isn't arrogance, it's dreary fact. I make the right people laugh, and I sky rocket to the top. I hate it, but once you are caught in that web it is awfully hard to cut your way out. I wrote “Wake Up” some years back when I realized what I was caught up in.


 Wake Up

The man gave me a front row ticket and I thought it was great.

I smiled and took my seat.

When the puppets jumped up and started to dance I clapped and cheered.

When the show was over I thought to myself, what a great show.

I jumped up from my own seat and started to dance.

It wasn't until after I heard the claps and cheers that I noticed my strings.

What a great show.

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Love It

I remember the first time I read this - it's still pretty powerful. More, please.