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What do direct mail and cancer share? The ability to drive one almost mad.

Direct mail can be great for some things, such as reminding us to support our fave nonprofits. (And how you not open a letter from the NRDC bearing Robert Redford’s name in the return address?) But such letters can also cause meltdowns when they arrive at the wrong time. I just wrote about this on my new HuffPo blog, thanks to Redroom. I’m deeply grateful to Huntington Sharp and Gina Misiroglu for this opp to share a message I still need to hear myself. Here’s an excerpt – hope you’ll take a minute to read more (link below). -LH

Supporting people through trauma often comes down to context, and understanding theirs as opposed to yours. Do you rave to a recently widowed friend about the great sex you had with your husband last night -- or save that for your married friends? Do you share stories about your recent trip to Italy with your homebound friend who can no longer fly because she's in a wheelchair -- or save that for your travel-bug pals?  Read more...