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If I were a camel, I would have surely buckled under that slender straw, which took the form of a nail file. Searching my bedside table drawer for the six-inch metal instrument, rifling through paraphernalia such as dog-eared business cards, highlighters of every hue, numerous white packets stamped...
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What are the best and worst holiday gifts for people with cancer? I just wrote a short piece about that on my Huffington Post/Redroom blog, and was reminded, once again, that when it comes to such things, there is no best or worst, just as there is no right or wrong. We are all different; each...
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NPR's Bob Edwards, author of "A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio
When I learned that my book was accepted into the National Press Club Book Fair, I was ecstatic. And when I saw who would exhibit alongside me in DC on November 15, I felt like a Born Again come to Rapture! But I had no idea I would soon experience a different kind of rapture, born not of a...
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My dad used to say, "You should never say 'should'." He was a joker, that guy. He also was averse to judging people, and although he wasn't one to quote the Bible, I remember him exhorting, "Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone." I recently wrote about judgment and why you (and I) should...
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"Does cancer love or hate you?" What kind of question is that? Cancer doesn't love or hate anything: it's like a shark, neither good nor bad, just a shark, doing what sharks do. Which is eat anything it can. Cancer might have consumed comedy writer Will Reiser, had the disease not been detected...
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Direct mail can be great for some things, such as reminding us to support our fave nonprofits. (And how you not open a letter from the NRDC bearing Robert Redford’s name in the return address?) But such letters can also cause meltdowns when they arrive at the wrong time. I just wrote about this...
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It's challenging to be a Breath Cancer survivor during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What's Breath Cancer? It's the cancer that attacks the organ behind the breast, the organ we cannot live without. Its proper name is Lung Cancer. But I prefer to call it Breath Cancer, because it literally and...
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