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As Above, So Below
When the succubus Lorelei sees the angel Azaziel from across the bar, she knows he's been cast out of Heaven, but is not yet Fallen. She resolves to do whatever it takes to bring the angel down. Together on the streets of L.A., they encounter Ashleigh Johnson, one of Azaziel’s mortal charges, dying of hepatitis in the street. The angel rescues her soul and uses it to possess...
The Haunted Mansion Project Year Two
In the fall of 2012, seventeen horror writers and artists met in Northen California to spend four days together in a haunted mansion. Ten of them were survivors of the original Haunted Mansion Writers Retreat; the rest were virgins who encountered the house and its denizens for the first time. Joining them was the group of paranormal investigators who had recorded a plethora of...
Almost every tourist destination has a graveyard.  You go to Yosemite National Park:  there’s a graveyard.  You go to Maui:  graveyards everywhere you look. The Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park:  both graveyards.  The number one tourist destination in Michigan has three cemeteries.  America’s best-preserved...
In the fall of 2010, ten horror writers met at a haunted mansion to spend four days together. Joining them were a group of paranormal investigators who studied the house and reported their findings. This anthology is a collection of the fiction, poetry, journals, real impressions, and investigative conclusions inspired by that weekend. E.S. Magill, Rain Graves, Nikki Boscia, Loren...
Morbid Cvrs-new.jpg
For 10 years, Morbid Curiosity was a one-of-a-kind underground magazine that gained a devoted following for its celebration of absurd, grotesque, and unusual tales -- all true -- submitted from contributors around the country and across the world. Loren Rhoads, creator and editor of the magazine, has compiled some of her favorite stories from all 10 issues in this sometimes...
Sirens Cover034.jpg
The seduction of an angel; the lure of the lash; the touch of psychic hands; living ropes that wind and bind...these are just a few of the alluring sins of these sirens. Fourteen tales of dark desire by Loren Rhoads, Maria Alexander, Christa Faust, and Mehitobel Wilson.
Death's Garden cover photograph by Jane Handel.
Spanning the globe from Argentina to Wall Street, 27 photographers and authors document the residences of the dead. Authors consider teenage suicide, the death of parents and friends, their own mortality, the transience of fame, and the nature of death itself. In over two dozen essays and more than 200 photographs, Death's Garden explores the complex relationships between the...
Lend the Eye cover191.jpg
From the back cover: This provocative collection of essays, short fiction, and artwork by both Americans and Canadians confronts the issues facing North America at the end of the 20th century. From Martha Allard bringing Christmas to a crack house to Jello Biafra's solution to deforestation and pollution; from Mark Lo's meditation on ethnic identity to Deborah Jaffe's fantasy of...
Paramental cover001.jpg
The Paramental Appreciation Society's self-titled chapbook collects four previously unpublished dark urban fantasies set in San Francisco, lushly illustrated with Lily Beacon's black-and-white photographs. Vampires stroll Golden Gate Park. Dragons prowl Nob Hill. Witches craft curses and love potions in the Tenderloin. And what's really chasing BART? Join us for an ad hoc tour of...
The first issue of Morbid Curiosity, long out of print.
"The thinking person's guide to all things dark and lovely." -- Westgate "An absolutely absorbing, amazing, and affecting collection of true stories." -- About.com "Gripping, nauseating, deeply touching." -- Whole Earth Review "Unfinchingly honest...a unique and enthralling read." -- Punk Planet