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After Mason and I crossed Broadway, we stumbled upon a memorial to the firefighters lost when the World Trade Center collapsed.  Bright chains of origami cranes decorated the fence around an old brown church.  Beside them hung tattered “missing person” flyers.  Amongst the ephemera...
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The Grand Canal through my eyes
The woman at our pension in Florence hoped that we would arrive in Venice during the day.  “It’s like a dream,” she promised. It was near lunchtime as the train from Florence crossed the lagoon from the modern city. Water like a mirror spread out from the train as far as I could see, as if the...
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In the beginning, I loved the idea that I could make some money through my blog as I guided people to books they might actually use and enjoy.  As soon as the Cemetery Travel blog was really up and running (which is to say, as soon as I figured out how to take the reviews I wrote on Goodreads...
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Loren speaking at Borderlands
In 2009, when I was pimping Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues, I discovered a site called Book Tour.  They offered a way to assemble all my tour dates, which would then be searchable by anyone in any of the cities I visited.  People could subscribe to my events and be notified when I was...
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I wrote my 100th Cemetery Travel post earlier in the month, so it feels like a good time for reflection. I was fascinated to discover Tripbase’s My 7 Links Project, in which bloggers look back over their posts and highlight their favorites in seven categories. I had a good time reading through...
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The Lady and the Unicorn by Elisabeth Delahaye My rating: 4 of 5 stars I picked this up in the gift shop of the Cluny Museum in Paris after falling in love all over again with these lovely tapestries. The book does a wonderful job of identifying all the plants and animals scattered throughout the...
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The hardest part of writing, for me, is dealing with a recurring crushing lack of confidence.  You'd think that I've been here enough times before, I could just get over it.  It shakes me every time. See, whenever something good happens -- something sells, gets nominated for a prize, receives a...
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Loren at Borders Union Square.
The original Borders was like a church to me.  It was bright inside, with a mezzanine, and crowded with tables stacked with new releases.  A wall in the center, like the bookstore’s heart, held Staff Recommendations.  Since the staff were mostly grad students, the selection was eclectic and...
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Highgate Cemetery in May
I'm slowly diving back into blogging now that my vacation to France is wearing off.  I've spent the last few days remembering how to be a full-time mom, which means monitoring the TV and computer games and finding projects and setting up play dates.  Oh, and working through the summer cleaning that...
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Loren signing DG.jpg
I intend to submit another book this week, before my daughter gets out of school for the summer.  Of course, today she stayed home with laryngitis, so I've been busy running for more chicken noodle soup, another glass of water, or to change the channel on the TV.  It's hard to juggle being a writer...
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Memento Mori by Bohdan Chlibec My rating: 5 of 5 stars Mason bought me this beautiful book at the Franz Kafka Bookstore on the Old Town Square in Prague. It’s listed on Amazon.com for $140, but let me tell you, this is one beautiful book! Memento Mori focuses solely on the Sedlec ossuary outside...
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When cleaning the garage, I found some less-than-perfect copies of the out-of-print issues Morbid Curiosity #4 and #5.  I'd be glad to sell them for $2 each plus postage. Want to complete your collection?  Email me at morbid at charnel dot com and I'll calculate postage for you. I still have copies...
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I met a friend for coffee yesterday.  We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of months, but he’s settled into being unemployed now and had some time to get out of the house. We met 20 years ago, when I discovered he was an amazing poet.  Since then, we’ve founded a couple of writing groups together...
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It’s hard to narrow it down to my favorite science fiction story.  My first inclination is, of course, to name Star Wars -- by which I mean the original movie, which came out when I was 14.  I was overwhelmed, absorbed, and inspired by that movie, to the point that nothing that followed could...
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Corpses, Coffins and Crypts: A History Of Burial by Penny Colman My rating: 3 of 5 stars Although this book is a Junior Library Guild Selection—meaning that the text is written at a level suitable for children—the chapter headings seemed intriguing (Defining Death, Understanding Death, What...
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