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Here is my schedule for WHC2012 in Salt Lake City March 29-April 1.  I’m waiting to hear when the daytime tour of the Salt Lake City Cemetery will be.  I’m also planning an excursion to Brigham Young Cemetery, to see the graves of the founder of Utah and five of his wives....
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  Their initial email said:   Thank you for sending us your work. We appreciate the chance to consider it. Unfortunately it does not fit our editorial needs at this time.  We enjoyed the concept of the essay and hope you might consider sending a revision.  Sincerely, The...
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I feel like I lost most of February to health concerns. I started the month with my annual appointment. Chief of my concerns was the side effects of my blood pressure medications. They kept me from sleeping. They kept me from exercising. Starting in January, they were making my hair fall out....
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The work begins...
I took an amazing class at the Teahouse Studio (www.teahouseartstudio.com) on Saturday.  This one was about Adobe Lightroom, which is replacing Photoshop to organize and edit photos. I am excited to start working with it.  I have photos on my phone, on my camera, on my husband’s...
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Writing fuel
I met Ivory Madison in October 2004 when I was a new mom with a colicky preemie.  Before the baby came, I nourished fantasies of spinning out novels while she slept.  Afterward, I learned to use naptime to shower or try to pick up or wash the endless loads of laundry.  Ivory saved my...
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Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris
Seth Godin wrote this morning that the Apple store is refusing to carry his new manifesto on education BECAUSE it links to hardcover books sold through Amazon. Here's the whole story:  http://www.thedominoproject.com/2012/02/who-decides.html It's of interest to me now because I'm preparing my...
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This comes from Justine Musk's amazing blog Tribal Writer: "There’s a theory that the fear of public speaking – the most common phobia out there – has its roots in the ancient survival instinct. "If you were out on the plains, and you felt eyes trained on you, chances were it was someone or...
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Marina from Stingray
My mom was a firm believer in naps, mostly because she was a young mother with two small kids who also taught 9th grade English.  She hadn't reconciled the fact that requiring students to write papers meant she had to find quiet time to read them.  The workload wore her out. I was 5 and...
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Martha's chapbook is available for Nook.
My dear friend Martha Allard had some wonderful things to say about the writers group we grew up in and the importance of hearing your own work read aloud.  Here's the link:  http://wherethefallenland.blogspot.com/2012/02/rhythm.html
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In Cafe Trieste
"Thinking improves when parts of the mind are given other tasks:  charged with listening to music, for example, or following a line of trees.  The music or the view distracts for a time that nervous, censorious, practical part of the mind which is inclined to shut down when it notices...
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This short film -- The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore -- is one of five being considered for the Academy Award for outstanding short film.  It's 15 minutes long, which is a significant commitment, but I expect I will watch it every day this week.  And maybe next week, too....
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One word after another...
“Be hard on your sentences, be hard on your paragraphs, be ceaseless and unrelenting in your revisions, but stop questioning your ability to be a writer. Let go of that worry and focus on how strong a writer you can become.”    - Dinty W. Moore, Crafting the Personal Essay  
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Pick a card, any card.
I don't understand business cards.  I don't understand how to use them. I went to this blogging event on Sunday.  Beforehand, the teacher/facilitator strongly encouraged us to bring business cards to share with the other bloggers.  She "encouraged" to the point that she suggested...
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Britt Bravo inspiring bloggers in Berkeley
Sunday I attended Britt Bravo's Tea and Cupcakes with Creative Bloggers at the lovely and inviting Teahouse Studio in Berkeley.  I came away all fired up to get back up on the blogging pony. I guess it's no secret that I've struggled with this blog, given how sporadically I've been posting of...
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"We write to make suffering endurable, evil intelligible, justice desireable, and love possible....That's worth this life." --- Roger Rosenblatt He goes on to encourage people:  "Write to make the world better." Here's the whole interview:  http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/entertainment/jan...
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