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Instant City magazine asked me to read a San Francisco ghost story, so I'm going to tell the story of seeing the ghost of my friend Blair, who died of AIDS. It would be great to see friendly faces in the crowd. Wednesday, October 29, 2008 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm (confirmed)At Gypsy Honeymoon3599 24th...
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Early in 2005, I attended the World Horror Convention in New York City.  Like all the other hungry young writers, I pitched to the agent attending.  As she did with all the other hungry young writers, she told me she liked the sound of my work and asked me to send her a proposal. Which I did. ...
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What with all these cemetery tours coming up in the next month, I am pulling together all my notes for a guide to the historical cemeteries of the Bay Area. Which has led to this: how do you define the Bay Area? Google isn't giving me a straight answer. Obviously the San Francisco Bay Area...
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As my friend Claudius says, "The author *is* always the last to know."  I've been moaning and whining about having worked on this Alondra novel forever. Progress has been slow the last couple of months, between the traveling and the husband traveling and the construction and the birthday...
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Loren Rhoads, Lilah Wild, Claudius Reich, and Seth Lindberg
Vampires stroll Golden Gate Park. Dragons prowl Nob Hill. Witches craft curses and love potions in the Tenderloin. And what's really chasing BART? Join us for an ad hoc tour of San Francisco's odd and unnatural corners. Last year, the writing group to which I belong was invited to put together a...
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Morbid Curiosity #8's cover
Morbid Curiosity #4 is out of print. I've had a run on the magazine in the last week and sold the last four sets of #4-10. The strange thing is that people have heard about the magazine in completely different places: the Crucial Blast webstore, through a site on absinthe, while searching ebay....
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Rue Morgue magazine has just reviewed SINS OF THE SIRENS. My favorite part: "This is a book infused with passion, blood, and magic, and its stories are seductive, powerful, and terrifying." If you like passion, blood, and magic and you'd like to immerse yourself in them, may I direct your...
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From the Publishers Weekly of 7/7/08: Morbid AuctionAnna de Vries at Scribner won an auction for Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues, the best writings from the 10-year-run of the now-defunct cult nonfiction magazine Morbid Curiosity. Hannah Brown Gordon at Foundry sold North American rights in her...
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Cover image for Morbid Curiosity #4 by Hugues Leblanc.
The fourth issue of Morbid Curiosity -- which features kissing a tiger, getting car-jacked while researching the Zodiac Killer, dodging abduction by a UFO, visiting shamans in Chiapas and Pennsylvannia, driving a hearse, working with a corpse, fleeing a homicidal boyfriend, and practicing...
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I'm part of the posse now.
Night Shade Books (www.nightshadebooks.com) make beautiful books by a broad spectrum of science fiction/horror/fantasy authors. They're also very nice guys. But they have a scary posse... In point of fact, it's one of the most fun publisher promotions I've ever seen. The evidence is below.
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Cover image for Morbid Curiosity #3 taken by Loren Rhoads in the ossuary in Kutna Hora.
I'm down to the last 8 copies of Morbid Curiosity #3, which featured stories on researching The X-Files, visiting Poland's Black Madonna, working in a vivisection lab, and finding your landlord dead -- all stories 100% true. Oh, and the photo above is on the cover. I took that in the ossuary at...
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Loren and John Everson
Dark Arts Books hosted a pajama party for their authors at the 2008 World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City. Thanks so much, John and Bill!  
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My dad had his first heart attack the year he turned 50.  At that point, it had been a grim joke amongst my family for several years that Dad would work until he fell off his tractor dead.  My mom would have to drive from field to field, searching for his truck, until she found his body in the dirt...
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As we were standing in line to check out yesterday, Lenore saw the box for the DVD re-issue of Gremlins. She was immediately drawn to the furry little guy in the picture, but curious about the scary shadow behind him. All I could remember about the movie (which I walked out on when I saw it in...
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I hope you'll pardon me if I quote the review from fright.com -- it's the first time anyone's ever called my work subtle! "Loren Rhoads begins the book with four tales grounded in aberrant psychology." We like that, yes we do. Aberrant is another word for morbid, right? (It's probably not...
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