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Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues has been nominated for a Black Quill Award over at Dark Scribe magazine.  Here's the link:  http://www.darkscribemagazine.com/3rd-annual-bqa-nominees/ And here's the listing: BEST DARK GENRE BOOK OF NON-FICTION:  (Any dark genre non-fiction subject, any publisher;...
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Morbid Curiosity #3 at Borderlands.
Lee Smith is the Program Director of Theatre at a university in Kentucky. He served as a writer on the ultra-low-budget movie Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSHpdp9gnm0), which features enough interspecies sex to satisfy even the most unsavory viewer. Lee was...
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Photo by Hugues Leblanc.
For the last month and a half, I’ve been interviewing the contributors to Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues here.  I’ve asked each of them to name their favorite story (that wasn’t one of their own) from Morbid Curiosity magazine. The first thing I noticed was that the contributors’ favorites came...
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Photo by Wim Van Gelder.
When it came time to illustrate each issue of Morbid Curiosity, I would post a list of topics from its stories. I invited artists to bid on the topics they wanted. I could count on some topics -- like Blondie or ghosts -- to be very popular. Others, like sky burial or Malaysian shamans, I had to...
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Photo of Julia by Al Ridenour.
Julia Solis organizes scavenger hunts and exhibitions in abandoned spaces. She is the main instigator of the urban exploration outfit Dark Passage. In 2002 she founded Ars Subterranea, an artists’ group dedicated to the creative preservation of ruined spaces. She is the author of New York...
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Gravity at the Hypnodrome.
Gravity Goldberg is one of the masterminds behind the San Francisco-based literary magazine Instant City (http://instantcity.org/). Her fiction has been published in Watchword, Strange Tales, Transfer, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian lit section. She’s also written for SFGate, Tempe Crime Wave,...
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Katrina James at Ink Spell Books.
Katrina James had her first short story published in 1998 and has been creating a steadily growing body of work ever since. She co-produced the cult public access show “kittypr0n” and has acted in and worked behind-the-scenes on several local stage productions. She currently spends her days as a...
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John reading at Borderlands.
John Domeier is a photographer, writer, and social worker from Sacramento who hates long walks on the beach because sand gets in his metal parts and seawater can make him rust. He wants you to know that his head is not a prosthetic and his voice is not computer generated, so feel free to laugh at...
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At Death Equinox '98.
R. N. Taylor has written for Apocalypse Culture and the magazines Seconds, Outlaw Biker Tattoo Review, Exit, Esoterra, and Cyber-Psychos AOD. Today he is perhaps best known for his lyrics and performances with the neo-folk band Changes. He wrote about a rotting goat’s head for Morbid Curiosity #2...
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Photograph by Hugues Leblanc.
Hugues Leblanc is a photographer in Montréal, Quebec. His haunting black-and-white images have been exhibited extensively in Montreal and around the United States, France, and England. Hugues has a penchant for cemeteries, ossuaries, mummies, and other assorted macabre subjects. Visit his website:...
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Seth reading at Borderlands, October 2009.
Seth Flagsberg has studied at San Francisco’s Writing Salon since 2000. When not writing, he used to practice law at the Santa Clara County Public Defender Office -- where he defended over twenty people accused of murder. “Brain Salad Surgery,” about hammer-murderer Ron Donsteel, was published in...
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Christine Sulewski and I met at the Clarion Writers’ Workshop a very long time ago. She allowed me to publish two of her travel stories in Morbid Curiosity #1 and served as the first issue’s proofreader. Her writing also featured in the books Lend the Eye a Terrible Aspect and Death’s Garden:...
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Nicholas Kaufmann & Maurice Broaddus at WHC San Francisco.
Maurice Broaddus is the author of an urban fantasy series called The Knights of Breton Court (Book One:  King Maker comes from HarperCollins in March 2010).  His anthology Dark Faith comes out in May 2010.  His short stories have seen print in various places from Apex Magazine to Weird Tales.  He...
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T. M. Gray’s novels Ghosts of Eden, Mr. Crisper, and The Ravenous are enjoyed by a widespread audience of horror fans. With the nonfiction Ghosts of Maine, the ghost hunter’s guide to over 100 paranormal hotspots throughout the state, Gray proves her mastery of research and devotion to Maine’s...
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Kalifer is 2nd from right.
Kalifer Deil was an engineer at Sun and Apple and is now involved with a third-generation dot-com startup. He dabbles in writing, sculpture, and home design. He has written two plays: Interview with an Alien and Flight of the Soul. He confessed to perpetuating a UFO hoax in Morbid Curiosity #5. “...
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