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My favorite essay from Morbid Curiosity (both book and magazine) is M. Parfitt's story "Why." In it, she spells out the inspiration for all the artwork she's made. Along the way, she sums up the genesis and philosophy behind Morbid Curiosity.

She couldn't come down to the city to read the piece in person at the Hypnodrome, so Russell Blackwood, director of the Thrillpeddlers, volunteered to read it for her. As you can imagine, he totally gets it.

Here's the video. It's SFW and a little more than 3 minutes long. I promise it will make you laugh, even if you've read the story as many times as I have.

Hm.  Can't get the video to embed.  Here's the link to youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9aqRTTCq8U