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Vanity googling the fox
So my story "The Fox and the Foreigner" has been reviewed a couple of times. One of the reviews called it one of his favorite stories of the year. Another said that while it was a charming story, the reviewer never had the sense that my main character was in real jeopardy. Now I find that the story was nominated for the British Science Fiction Association's award in short fiction. It's a thrill to think someone likes that story as much as I do.

The "fox" story didn't make the award's short list, but I'm bowled over to be listed alongside Kelly Link, Lucius Shepard, Pat Cadigan, etc. In fact, following my story in the list is Jay Caselberg's "The Garden of Earthly Delights," which was one of the best short stories I read last year. It also didn't make the short list, so again I feel in good company.

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