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The "Look" Game

My friend Martha Allard tagged me to play a game called "Look."  You find the word "look" in your current work-in-progress and copy the it and the surrounding paragaphs into your blog.

Here's mine.  The story's called "Something in the Water."  Nothing magical happens yet, but just wait!


She moved to a tank that spanned from knee-level to up over Alondra’s head. Alondra stepped closer, sensing that this was what she had been brought to look at.  The tank had no plant life.  In fact, its decorating motif seemed to be rusted pipes, from which three moray eels poked slash-mouthed faces.

A fish glided past the viewing window.  His eye had a golden-brown iris, which rotated to examine Alondra as he slipped past.  His down-turned lips seemed disapproving.  The large scales armoring his enormous body mimicked the dirty white and sand-colored pebbles strewn across the tank’s floor.

“My goodness, that’s a big fish,” Alondra said.

“Everyone says that.  Just wait.”

A second fish hove into view.  Alondra gasped.  The scimitar frill trimming its beefy tail probably spanned two feet.

“That’s our new girl.  We captured her north of here in Humboldt Bay.”  Pride warmed Jacki’s voice.  “Sea bass live relatively near the shore, in kelp beds.  They can live a century, but only reproduce after they’re twelve. Because of that long adolescence, they were fished to the edge of extinction in the 1930s.  For decades, we believed the last California sea bass had been seen in the wild in the 1960s.  We’re hoping to breed these.”


Here's the link to Martha's post:  http://wherethefallenland.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-game-kacey-made-me-play.html 




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