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Outliving the Warranty

I feel like I lost most of February to health concerns. I started the month with my annual appointment. Chief of my concerns was the side effects of my blood pressure medications. They kept me from sleeping. They kept me from exercising. Starting in January, they were making my hair fall out.

So off I went, with a new prescription and an order for blood tests.

Two weeks later, I had my first migraine. At the time, I thought I was having a stroke. The inside of my head lit up with blinding white lights, strings and webs of pure white LEDs. I laid down quickly, too scared to cry. I thought I was having a stroke.

The headache lasted eight days. It came and went. The doctor thought it was caffeine in one of the supplements I took. I stopped drinking decaf and switched to tea. I changed my glasses. I increased the type size on my monitor. I gobbled Tylenol like nobody's business, then switched to Aleve, then got a prescription for killer ibuprofen. No one suspected the new blood pressure med because it's supposed to prevent strokes in diabetic patients.

I've had my eyes checked. I'm being treated for anemia. I'm going in to see a neurologist. The headache is gone more often than I have it these days, but once it comes on, one high-powered ibuprofen doesn't make it go away. It just allows me to be minimally functional. The suspicion now is that the migraine is hormonal.

I'm bored with it. I've got stuff to do. I'd like to have my brain online enough to work, but I don't trust myself to be very detail-oriented when the pain is distracting me.