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Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues

So Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues has been out since Tuesday. Somehow (because I am still a naive kitten, I suppose) I thought that would change everything. And maybe it has, but no one has told me yet. I'm still the same old Loren, waking up at 4 a.m. with a to-do list already in mind, already feeling guilty about the things I should have done yesterday.

As far as I know, there have been two reviews of the book already published. Both glowing, thank goodness. The first was the Library Journal one, which I quoted in full here at LJ. The other comes from The Fright Site (http://www.fright.com/edge/MorbidCuriosity.htm). I particularly like that he points out: "One last observation: the opening page of my review copy of MORBID CURIOSITY CURES THE BLUES categorizes it as “Humor.” While the book contains its share of funny elements, I definitely wouldn’t call it humorous. Frightening, grotesque and fascinating are better adjectives for a collection guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s curiosity, morbid or otherwise."

I didn't want the humor designation on my book. While I find a lot of the stories funny, I have an admittedly strange sense of humor. I'm afraid people will be misled and feel disappointed. It was one of the aspects where I didn't have much say. That, I understood from the beginning, is how things are when you ask someone else to publish your book.

I've already done four radio interviews about the book. Two have aired and are available as podcasts:

Last Sunday's Ghostman and Demon Hunter show was a lot of fun. My portion of it begins about half an hour in, where we chat about my haunted house, the magazine and book, and they confession their Morbid Curiosity tales.


Mr. Odom's Bottomless Pit aired Wednesday afternoon on Pirate Cat Radio in San Francisco. I was joined in the studio by the beautiful Darren Mckeeman and the fierce A. M. Muffaz. A good time was had by all. We are in the first portion of this show:


Coming up on Saturday is my prerecorded appearance on KFOG's Beat of the Bay. It will be on at 6 a.m. and will appear afterward at http://www.kfog.com/Community/TakePart.aspx.

I think the other show will air next Saturday on the Nozmo King show on KFJC.

I went to Borderlands yesterday to visit my book in a bookstore for the first time. They have it displayed on the recommended shelf right at eye level. Better than that, Cary said she's carrying her copy in her bag, working her way through. Hurray! Someone who isn't married to me -- or a contributor -- is reading the book of her own volition.

This morning I'm off to LA for the first leg of the book tour. The details are here: http://booktour.com/author/loren_rhoads. The quick highlights: Stories Books tonight, the Museum of Death tomorrow night, and the West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday afternoon.

I'm itching to tell people about this book. I'm so proud of how it turned out. It amazes me that Scribner let me have all the stories I asked for, that they suggested using the sidebars and asked for the illustrations. I can't imagine a better tribute to the magazine. Now it's time to do all I can to get it into the right hands!