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Havasu Means Blue Water
One of the central themes in my debut novel, “Havasu Means Blue Water”, is the question posed by the protagonist, Lyla Amir, a feisty bi-racial graduate student, as she shifts through the murky history surrounding the 1918 lynching of a black farmer and his wife in the fictional town of Wilburn...
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    I hadn’t lived in Thailand long when I got a call  from a woman I greatly respected. She was very active with the Democrats Abroad Thailand organization. “I need a strong candidate to run for the position of Country Chair for Democrats Abroad Thailand (DAT), would you be interested?”...
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  I recently posted a poem on voicesnet.com entitled, "The Red In My Bed". It exposes the sharp edges, courage and vulnerability of a woman trying to navigate safely through a world where sexual violence against her gender is rampant. The poem focuses on the element of betrayal of...
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