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Amid the truly amazing (to me, at least) response to this book from creatures great and small has been one teeny sadness: a noticeable lack of hometown love.* (Brian Lehrer — seriously? Why don’t you think women should be allowed to read????) Still, I could not have chosen two more echt-hometown...
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I wrote a brief intro to my Jezebel essay on The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More about boys and Shelf Discovery that I meant to go on for three sentences and of course went on for 65. (That’s what happens when you drink three coffees and get on the Acela w/computer.) It is mainly an...
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If you would like to read one of the few love letters I have ever actually mailed to the other party, check out Library Love Fest: Lizzie Skurnick Loves Libraries!,where they’ve reprinted a letter I wrote to the teen branch of the ALA, YALSA, this summer. I do love librarians — mine really was...
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Who were the geniuses who invented placing books not on shelves but in stacks on tables like so many sweaters at J. Crew? I don’t know, but they were smart. And I am on two tables! (Presumably more, but who knows where.) Thank you, B&N and/or marketing geniuses. Pics, this first from my agent...
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It is always a good and nice sign when there is so much press you can’t keep up with it, EVEN IF A GOODLY PORTION OF IT SEEMS TO THINK ONE DOES THIS SORT OF THING IN DEAD EARNEST. In any case, would love to draw your attention to all of these things and as ever am grateful for any attention at all...
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