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You would think that since I’ve been on the internet for 97 years I’d be accustomed to commenters — but sprung full-blown, as I was, from the serene foreheads of a literary blog and a women’s blog, I had no idea what it was to be subject to hundreds of people yelling at me aggressively in (sic)....
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Solicited Yes! That is Vera Farmiga, as surprised as I am to note that I have 9,000 articles up this week on the apparently inexhaustible topics of marriage, child-rearing, discrimination and health care, though I only traffic in one and I pay for it dearly. (Health care.) In brief: This July,...
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It’s not surprising that the callousness with which this decade’s publishers have apportioned disembodied female parts across thousands of covers should have spilled over into race, but the “Liar” scandal seems like as good a place as any to ask why girls who’ve already lost their faces should have...
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It’s happened — the writers who brought down the media by sitting around in our pajamas crafting brittle insights next to a cup of cold coffee have now become too lazy even to blog. I’m sure someone could craft an ontological exploration of how various media migrate to “realness” in the minds of...
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Even in the life of a writer and book reviewer, one finds one periodically likes what one reads or likes what one writes. This happened two–two!–times this week. The first excerpt is a review of something I enjoyed reading, Michelle Huneven’s absolutely laying-waste-to-the-land-and/or-competition...
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I have always wanted a bunch of people on tap to do my job so I could lie down but have never figured out exactly how to swing it. Luckily for me, the delightful blog Booking Mama has stepped in with a Shelf Discovery challenge that will yield pinch hitters if not a permanent staff in the...
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Click for Thursday’s event! That doesn’t quite scan to Partridge in a Pear Tree, but close enough. In any case! My world tour — i.e., Tri-state, mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and midday tour — now concludes where it all began: Word Books in Brooklyn, just two blocks from the breakfast spot where Jezebel...
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Upcoming event at Milwaukee's Boswell books 9/29 (click image for info).... AND next to my friend Amy’s book at Portland’s Powells! Next to Amy Goldwasser's "Red" -- even colors are harmonious.
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…must tell you I had an incredible time being interviewed by reproductive health advocate Amanda Marcotte, especially once we mutually confirmed that, yes, once the girls of popular culture were allowed to have sex and it wasn’t a big deal. Witness Robby Denson and Lynn Holly Johnson, who ALREADY...
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I have been very slow and slothlike in updating the blog, and for this I blame a trip to Cape Cod, way too much country daintzing at my friend’s wedding and lots and lots expensive jar tuna with cornichons. HOWEVER. First of all, you can see that my events page has been updated with stuff coming up...
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I am a little more excited than is strictly meet to announce I AM A SEPTEMBER PICK OF NANCY PEARL! Here’s the whole review: Lizzie Skurnick has a much-read blog called Old Hag, but Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading is actually based on her column Fine Lines from Jezebel....
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 ….although I did not discuss THIS PARTICULAR ASPECT OF THE BUSINESS on NPR.  HERE’S my piece on Jaws on Talk of the Nation!!!!!!!!!!   Actually truly the best book ever. Please recommend it. We’re going to need a bigger book review.  
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Washington Post, why are you not content with one publication? Why must you bring forth blogs like some kind of web-based hydra? Nonetheless, thank you for your nice mention in whatever this thing is: Skurnick even thinks to include risque fiction by Jean Auel and V.C. Andrews, which was intended...
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News Tabled II, w/commentary I have been keeping track of sightings of Shelf Discovery because I am, you know, a new author, and it’s neat. (I love my book of poetry, but it gets shelved in a lovely bookstore called Paypal.) But I must share with you my absolute FAVORITE photo of the summer,...
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Recently, I once again shared airspace with the lively and fun Ed Champion of the Bat Segundo show, who, amidst much chatter about redheadedness, was one of the many men who have challenged, in RANK FINGER-POINTING outrage, my alleged needless gender focus, to the tune of half a show. (Over coffee...
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