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UPDATES on some things that are HAPPENING: My essay on that girl in that book is forthcoming in May’s The Tattooed Girl: The Enigma of Stieg Larsson. (And I don’t even LIKE IKEA!) My story “Spectacle Pond” is featured in June’s Cape Cod Noir, from Akashic Books. (I DO LOVE CAPE COD.) I am in Mary...
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Just for your information: I don’t need children, husbands or fine jewelry. All I need to know is that when I am 39 and holding, pals Dionne Warwick, Shelley Winters, Teri Garr, Terry Moore, Teena Marie and some unidentified man will come join me on my pink plush set to film my exercise video.
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Remember* this entire recitative about the Gift of Magic cover I could never find, no matter how often I scoured used book tables on Sixth Avenue, so much so that I actually thought it was possible I was going crazy? My best friend had it in her room the entire past year, having no knowledge of my...
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I am in the most recent Bookforum, writing on the wonderful world of Lois Duncan reissues. Killing Mr. Griffin — yes — makes an appearance. It looks like you can get a free issue, um, here? I have enormous issues with the covers — there is a NOOSE on the cover of Killing Mr. Griffin, which obvi...
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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed–mainly because I have posted nothing yet on the subject or any other, and it has therefore appeared in zero places on the internet except precisely here–but Old Hag has as of this Monday received a revamp and update, courtesy of my wonderful designer, Eric Gordon. A...
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A wondrous friend and I are always talking about how our Venn diagram of reading enjoyment intersects only on older books, and diverges entirely in the latter half of the 20th and 21st century. (I wend Zoe Heller; she, Junot Diaz.) But one thing we agree on is how thoroughly this older generation...
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Make of it what you will, but the Twitter-born fracas over Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom proves one thing without a doubt: the American literary establishment are size queens. Their collective pulse races at the sight of muscular doorstopper filled with realism. (Especially following a ten-year dry...
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So, that thing happened.* It’s not unusual for me to round up, every week or so, whatever pale fire I have managed to effuse into the surrounding atmosphere in the interval, but as the young ones say, this shit was crazy, yo! Especially since it was surrounded by six-hundred other randomers. (...
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The requests are coming thick and fast, all with HELP! I feel so guilty! Please help these people! Remember, if you have a plotfinder, you can friend me on FB, where the solvation is more rapido. From Lori: perhaps not your typical young adult novel??? historical novel set in ancient Eygpt, in...
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I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in used book vendors. Once or twice every few years, when I’m wondering if I’m on the wrong path in my life, I wander over to their tables and ask them (the tables, not the vendors) for a sign. The last time I did this, right as I wandered into the vastly...
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UPDATE: 10 MORE I MEAN. Taking position here my vast critical capacities have exercised eminent domain over math part of brain. I really did once do physics! Forgot this one too Just to show you the font of taxonomies of ’70s and ’80s YA lit is without limit, 45 MORE options from readers (5...
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45. Where Has Deedie Wooster Been All These Years? 44. Trying Hard to Hear You 43. To All My Fans, With Love, From Sylvie 42. The War Between The Pitiful Teachers and the Splendid Kids 41. The Son of Someone Famous 40. The Late Great Me 39. The Kidnapping of Courtney Van Allen and What's-Her-Name...
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UPDATE: Alice A.’s is This Stranger My Father, by Robert Hawks. Go Kendra! You guys are YET AGAIN miraculous. I don’t even know who’s FTW. You’re all FTW.  Nicole T.’s plotfinders have been answered as, respectively, Don’t You Dear Read This, Mrs. Dunphy and Invisible Lissa.  YOU ARE AMAZING....
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I can’t believe how hot it is. It’s difficult to continue with any other statement but an emphatic recitation of the previous: I can’t believe how hot it is. That said, many of you are somewhere with air conditioning, I assume? Here are two plotfinders to keep you amused, if not chilled to...
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Ashley sent this today, which in my laziness has moved it to top of queue. I was already 400 in 90s and am definitely too old to know. Thoughts??? This one is also kind of epic in the crazed associative disorder order of these things — RODDY and CANDLESHOP and literally THREE BLIND MICE: Hello...
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