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What's stuck to your monitor?

Do you keep index cards or sticky notes stuck to your monitor? I've been known to forget everything when writing so sometimes I have to remind myself of dental appointments and the like. But the other day I was cleaning out my desk and found two index cards that I lived by when I first started writing fiction in the long form. There is so much to remember, to keep in your head, it sometimes overwhelmed me. One of the cards helped me with plotting, my biggest hurdle at first. (It seems the longer you write fiction the more your subconscious just throws up plot points.) This pink card asks the question:


-- raise questions?

-- initiate action?

-- explore the theme (i.e., convey the spirit)?

-- dramatize key relationships?

-- foreshadow conflict?

-- characterize the key person?

On the side I have scribbled in -- Should do at least 3 of these.

I used this list religiously. I learned to juggle different elements in the same scene, a bit of characterization, a jot of foreshadowing, some action that will build into some later action. I'm sure I read this somewhere -- I have a zillion writing books.

I'll give you the other card later... First, what's stuck on your monitor?


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Mainly kitty snot. Which

Mainly kitty snot. Which reminds me...time to get out the Windex. (Comes in a handy pump bottle I activate with my "Windex finger." :)



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kitty snot

I hope you read the kitty snot before windexing it, Eric. You know you can read the future in kitty snot. Like it might say you are destined to... clean out the litter box?

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Nothing on the monitor itself

But all sorts of notes to myself scattered on the desk, pinned to the wall... groovy stuff mostly. "Allow." "Leave yourself at the door." "Let it happen." Plus timelines, to do lists, etc. I love your list, though...

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but I like yours, and have just typed it up on my iMac "Stickie." Thank you.


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Hope it helps you keep all

Hope it helps you keep all your baubles in the air, Belle!