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My big fat carbon footprint

Yes, I am one of those annoying (but so patriotic!) people still traveling. All the way to Paris for a cold, rainy week of museums, food, and lots of hard cold cash. Interestingly, the plane, a direct flight from Salt Lake City to Paris -- a dream of a flight, so nice -- was full. I am not alone in my profligate ways. A group of Russians was aboard, traveling home, or at least to Paris. The trip wasn't overly expensive as European vacations go. I split the cost of a pied a terre with my friend and her fifteen-year-old daughter, and only bought a couple of spring items at the Monoprix. This was difficult since the mademoiselle had shopping on her mind. But the prices were enough to make me keep the plastic hidden.

One thing I did that was free and fun was record sound clips from around Paris and Versailles. Lots of street music in Paris, loud brass, loud accordions on the subways, even cello and some exotic string instrument (can you identify?). I put them together with still photos on imovie, added some fancy free stuff and voila! Five minutes of amateur noise. Check it out. Posted on my red room site!