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Eat Pray Love to Write About It
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Travel is broadening. And I do not mean all that pasta you ate in Italy like Liz Gilbert. Getting out of town makes us see things, our own things, people, and places, in a new light when we get home. It makes us critics, in the best sort of way.

At least that's my philosophy, and the reason I dream about being a travel writer. But, wait. Maybe I already am. I wrote a novel that was set in a foreign land (Blackbird Fly) and a clerk at Book Soup in Hollywood asked me if it was travel fiction. Yes! I answered after a light bulb burst over my noggin. Fiction or non, getting out of town and writing about it is golden.

My latest foray into travel writing is a piece for AOL about Seattle. I love Seattle, in all its nasty climates and bluebird days, its rawness and sophistication, its wacky neighborhoods and walk-friendly cafes. Thanks to Gina Misiroglu of Red Room for getting the ball rolling and getting attention for Red Room authors.

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Your piece about Seattle

Having never been to Seattle, I am looking forward to reading your piece. I flew up to Vancouver once, and had a bad experience. My ears were "plugged up"- so I took a decongestant before I left Los Angeles. It made me so sleepy that I forgot to change planes, thus landing in Portland, Or.!!! After explaining my predicament, the airline gave me a free room and I flew up to Vancouver the next morning. The only problem was that my sister, who lived in Vancouver, had to drive to the airport twice and was a little grumpy! I really learned my lesson on that trip-always fly somewhere with a friend, and don't take decongestants before departing. And whenever you fly to Vancouver, bring an umbrella!
My son and I are planning a trip to Washington D.C. to visit my son who is stationed there.(In the Navy) We are only staying four days, and there is so much to see. I've been there,as a child back in the Sixties, and saw many monuments and even Gettysburg. I guess that my son would be content to just walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, and gaze at the Capitol.

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Travel with a writerly eye

Nancy, be sure to keep your eyes open when doing all that travel! Look for the out of the way moment, the quirky spot, and broaden your horizons! The thing that immersing myself in writing did for me, when I first started especially, was make me drop the filter that we often put between us and the outside world. We are all so busy thinking about ourselves! Open yourself up to experience and enjoy every moment! Take care and happy travels.