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He was lost and wandering as he bumped into her.  Suddenly stunned by her presence he was even more stunned as he looked at her face.  Maybe it was him but he felt a sudden connection to her.  Could she possibly share his hunger?  She licked her lips and smiled at him.  Gently she reached up and touched his face.  Her other hand brushed across his crotch.  Holy shit!  They were in a book store!  He felt his shaft harden.  He suddenly didn't care if they were in Times Square.

She leaned in and kissed him.  Softly, at first.  Her lips were those of an angel.  Her breath was heavenly.  His lips parted as she slid her tongue into his mouth, playfully enticing him.  He slipped his hand up her loose skirt.  Her felt her thong and carefully moved it out of the way.  She was soaking wet.

Up against the book shelf, she pushed him.  His belt, his boxers, all somehow on the floor.  OMG!  He couldn't believe this was happening!  What if....?  Who cared!  She craddled his rock hard cock in her hand.  He had to be dreaming!  In one fell swoop, she lifted herself onto him, her legs wrapped around his waist.  His arms grasped around her body holding on tightly as she slid herself down onto his throbbing cock.

Her skin was like satin.  Her was mouth hungry, her pussy was wet.  She worked the rythym with her hips like B.B. King worked the blues.  His cock thrust in and out of her time and time again.  Panting turned to moaning. She cried out "Yes, yes, yes!"  Her pussy convulsed around his cock as her juices flowed over him like the Amazon.  Surely, he must have died and gone to heaven as he exploded inside her.

Moments passed.  Their breathing returned to normal.  He gently placed her down.  Questioningly, he looked at her.

       "My name is Jessi"  she says.  "I work here and mister, you have to wake up."


Suddenly, he jolts up.  What the hell?  He realizes that he had been sitting at a table, reading and had fallen asleep.

As he looks up at the girl waking him, it's her.  Wearing the exact thing she was wearing in his dream.

          "I think you've been asleep for a while.  I didn't want to bother you but I've already closed the store.  Sorry, but you really have to leave now."


          "My bad.  So sorry 'bout that."  he stammered.

He goes to stand up and his pants fall down.  She looks at him....and smiles.