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Happy 95th, Beverly Cleary

Huffington Post asked me to write an essay to help celebrate Beverly Cleary's 95th birthday. This is it . . .

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Thank you

What a beautiful piece. My son was in a play called Ramona Quimby, based on Cleary's character that was performed for third and fourth graders around the country. I'm going to forward this video to him.

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Please give my best to your

Please give my best to your son!

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She is one of the most prolific child storybook writers of all time. Hope she had wonderful birthday!

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Awww, I miss those kids!

Ramona, Beezus, Henry... I loved those kids! My mom was a librarian, and I spent air-conditioned afternoons on unbearably hot summer days sitting on the floor in front of the Cleary books, reading them over and over. It felt like I lived in their neighborhood - or they lived in mine. Thank you, Beverly Cleary, for giving me books to love and a head start on my writing life. Love, Susan