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Move Over, Mo Willems - There's a New Talent in Town

Richard Michelsonis a poet, a gallery owner, and an author . . .


We sat down with him in Northampton, MA and gabbed over lunch.


Peepywas nervous at first, but after a couple of seconds, she showed Richard the artshe createdat the Eric Carle Museum.

Needless to say, Rich was impressed . . .


He was so taken with Peepy's work that he offered her a contract and asked that her art be exclusive to his gallery.


Peepy wasn't sure. After all, Rich represents all thebig namesin children's literature art, and she didn't want to be overshadowed . . .


However, Rich assured her that she would be his number one artist. He even had the perfect place to showcase her work -- even if it meant moving someone else . . .


Peepy didn't want to displaceMo Willems, at first. But then she flashed back to herrecent lunchwith him . . .

(That's Mo on the right, and not helping the helpless Peep isTony DiTerlizzi.)

And so, Peepy told Rich to go ahead and throw Mo and his pigeon under the bus . . .


CLICK HEREto see the video on YouTube.

Sorry, Mo. You've been Peeped . . .



Next Up: Not just children's literature art, plus Mr. Spock, I presume?


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