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LA TIMES Fest o' Books & Authors & Illustrators & Cool Stuff

The LA TIMES Festival of Books started on a great note. Why? Because of this . . .

 photo IMG_2928_zps8f90704b.jpg

That's right. We had reserved parking!

Like last year, and the year before, the festival was held at my alma mater, USC. From the parking structure, we could see the dorm where I was a resident advisor . . .

 photo IMG_2929_zps10fdcf75.jpg

Plus we saw this . . .

 photo IMG_2931_zps7733b784.jpg photo IMG_2932_zps6b8c4348.jpg

We had to get a closer look at the blue truck, and whoa, wow! GEEK OUT! It was a Library Store on wheels!!!

 photo IMG_2934_zps6ca014d4.jpg photo IMG_2935_zps2ee5641d.jpg photo IMG_2936_zpsbe06e290.jpg photo IMG_2937_zps15948ca9.jpg photo IMG_2938_zps39e9d3ec.jpg

We wandered around a bit, and said hi to Tommy Trojan, and tried to ignore an improperly dressed big guy . . .

 photo IMG_2939_zpsb9517503.jpg photo IMG_2940_zps3ae5c41b.jpg photo IMG_2956_zpsc7a0aca0.jpg photo IMG_2958_zpsf5a090e1.jpg

We also said "hi" to Stuck's Oliver Jeffers. . .

 photo IMG_2973_zpsa095650c.jpg

The we said "hi" to This Is Not My Hat's Jon Klassen. . .

 photo IMG_2980_zps90fa0065.jpg

Then we said "hi" to Oliver Jeffers and Jon Klassen . . .

 photo IMG_2977_zps7ada5786.jpg

Soon it was time for our reading and book signing at the USC Civic Engagement Booth . . .

 photo IMG_2961_zps20e132c6.jpg photo IMG_2971_zps10ab7e31.jpg photo IMG_2962_zps20fcc983.jpg photo IMG_2960_zps46991887.jpg photo IMG_2942_zps226ec93b.jpg photo IMG_2965_zpscafcdd19.jpg photo IMG_2963_zps1113e115.jpg


 photo IMG_2964_zps6b9372d5.jpg photo IMG_2966_zpsd9e2d120.jpg

Reading is Fundamental (RIF) was there and so were other reading fans!

 photo IMG_2943_zps3c570763.jpg

Some of our fav indie bookstore and booksellers were at the fest, too! Like Kris from Once Upon a Time. Maureen was busy when I snuck up behind her and asked, "Er, do you know if there are any books here?" Hahahaha, snort!!! Teehee, sometimes I crack myself up. Um. You had to be there.

 photo IMG_2945_zps04358aa4.jpg photo IMG_2948_zps0365bdec.jpg

Dan Krall was signing at Once Upon a Time . . .

 photo IMG_2949_zps45785304.jpg

Rachel Howard from Scholastic Publicity got to see her favorite Peep. The last time we saw Rachel, it was at another book festival, here. . .

 photo IMG_2947_zpsf551cc52.jpg

Over at Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop, we ran into Scott Speer and Sherri Smith. . .

 photo IMG_2950_zps008af1b1.jpg photo IMG_2952_zps8242c49d.jpg

Peepy was quite taken with the t-shirts after Amanda showed them to her . . .

 photo IMG_2954_zpsbb54686f.jpg

Of course it made sense that SCIBA's Andrea Vuleta was hanging around the indie bookstores!

 photo IMG_2955_zps95ca0de2.jpg

Shhh . . . here's where the secret bathrooms are. Only us alumni know about them . . .

 photo IMG_2959_zpsa812ac25.jpg

Who's that? Why it's Loren Long and Otis, and Peepy, of course . . .

 photo IMG_2981_zps6591d9ac.jpg photo IMG_2984_zpsa501bc61.jpg photo IMG_2985_zps12c5a670.jpg photo IMG_2986_zpsbe6534bc.jpg

Did someone say "snack"? It was off the Green Room where all the authors were hanging out . . .

 photo IMG_2987_zpsbc854f50.jpg photo IMG_2988_zps80751b2e.jpg

Fellow snackers included Suzanne Selfors and Tom Angleberger, who/whom we just saw in Chicago!

 photo IMG_2990_zps0098e89f.jpg photo IMG_2991_zpsad1b0821.jpg

Wait! It's Dan Santat! What do these four have in common?

 photo IMG_2992_zps660847ab.jpg
(Yes, the all love Peepy. And they are all wearing . . . socks! And hats.)

After we were snacked up, we went to listen to the Dan Santat Suzanne Selfors Annie Barrows Tom Angleberger panel . . .

 photo IMG_2993_zps91f14ba3.jpg

Yay! We got to meet Ivy and Bean's Annie Barrows. . .

 photo IMG_2994_zps43b1c8a2.jpg

Later it was back to the Green Room where we ran into Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi. Guess what we have in common? That's right, we are all represented by Writers House agent Jodi Reamer!

 photo IMG_3022_zpsf52933d8.jpg

How does one end a great day at a great book festival? How about with a great meal at Versailles???
 photo IMG_0737_zpsa3635ad1.jpg

Oops. Not that one. This one.
 photo url_zps6132ca0d.jpg

Here we are with Dan Yaccarino, Tom and The Other Dan . . .

 photo IMG_3023_zpsa041b3d6.jpg

NEXT BLOG: More LA TIMES Festival of Books and an explanation of why Lemony Snicket is flailing . . .

 photo IMG_3021_zps44ef0efd.jpg

THIS JUST IN . . .WARP SPEED has been nominated for the Sunshine State (that would be Florida, where I lived for 17 years) Young Readers Award!!!! And speaking of WARP SPEED, this week, Beth Gaudette from the Thomaston Public Library in Connecticut told me that their Mother Daughter Book Club read the book. In it, there's a scene where kids make clothes out of garbage bags, and that's what these talented girls did!!!

 photo Image1_zps7d089f3b.jpg


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