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Curious Books, Candyland and Peep Party (soon)

  • Aug. 6th, 2012 at 12:14 AM


I am here. . .


Yet, because of time machine issues and whatnot, my blog is here . . .


If there's one thing that I like as much as lunch, it's candy! Here's a WONDERFUL candy store namedRobitaille'sin the quaint beach town ofCarpinteria, CA . . .



Public Health Reminder. Visit the dentist and brush your teeth. A lot.


Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Where were we? Oh, that's right. CANDY!!!!


How can it get any better than that, you ask? Here's how -- YES! An indie children's bookstore!!! Here's the owner of Curious Cup, Kiona Gross . . .


And here's the inside ofCurious Cup Bookstore. . .


Curious Cup has only been open for about a year and already has quite a following. Congrats Kiona!

(Kiona is seen here with her new friend,Peepy.)

Hey! Speaking of indie bookstores, this is where Peepy and I, along with copies of the new paperback version ofBOBBY THE BRAVE (SOMETIMES), will be on August 25th!!! Come join us for Peep-tastic fun!



Disclaimer: No proofreaders were harmed (or even used) in the creation of this blog.

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Lisa, I loved this blog!!!

Hi Lisa,

What a great sharing of the great things in life. My Grandson, Josh, and his Mom are saving to go to Lego Land next summer. so, I know that he will insist on going to Robitaille's and the Curious Cup Book Store, also. (I think that Pasadena and Lego Land are close?) Books, candy, and Legos...it doesn't get any better !

I always enjoy your blogs and soon will share some of your books with Josh.

Have a great day!

Mary Walsh   

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LA distance

Hi Mary,

Legoland and Pasadena are sort of far away (a couple of hours), and the candy story and bookstore were two hours up the coast from that. (I'm terrible with directions, so that's my guess.) However, if Josh and his mom have lots of time, all are quite fun!