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Celebrating an Indie Bookstore Birthday with The Most Peep-tastic Party

Last week one of my favorite indie book/toy/craft stores, Little Junebugs celebrated their one year anniversary . . . and we were there! (I mean, really, you'd think that Peepy would miss a Peep party??)

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Who are those attractive witty people? Why it's Little Junebugs owners, Courtney Collins and Brian Flanagan . . .


Of course, with the party it being PEEP-themed, Peepy was in her element.

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Dan Santat and I signed copies of BOBBY THE BRAVE (SOMETIMES) and other books we created!

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And lookit! Why, it's author/illustrator Ethan Long . . .


Now then, what exactly is Little Junebugs, you ask, or I ask, or someone over there asks. Why, it's may things, like a whole lot of children's books . . .

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And toys . . .

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And cool stuff and crafty stuff . . .

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And for the anniversary party, there were professional photos of all the party Peeps!

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(That's Courtney and me with Peepy.)

And everyone made Peep picture frames!

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Of course, Dan and Ethan showed off their mad illustrator-ly skills . . .

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Speaking of skills, you gotta see this!!! The last time I saw Mark Crilley, he drew a picture for my favorite doctor. This time, he drew this amazingly realistic picture -- and it's gone viral!!! Is there a doctor in the house?

Oops, let's return from the digression and head back to the party. All the fun made Peepy thirsty. So the kind handsome bartender created a drink just for her. Behold, the (non-alcoholic) Peep-tini!!!

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Now fabulosity like this doesn't just happen. It takes a lot of work, as you can see HERE.


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And finally here's a fun Q and A I did with for the South Dakota Festival of Books!!! (Don't read it if you are a fan of fine Haiku.)


Wheeeee . . . BOBBY THE BRAVE (SOMETIMES) is now out in paperback!

September events: 

Brooklyn Book Festival

Youth Stoop (Borough Hall Plaza/Columbus Park)


10:00 A.M. Humor Me. Franklin is a fourth grader with a big imagination and an alter ego named Frankie Pickle; fifth graders Lydia and Julie are best friends who observe “the popular girls” at their school to discover the code of popularity; and Robert is a normal fourth grader who gets into crazy situations! These hilarious characters spring from the  minds of authors Amy Ignatow (The Popularity Papers), Eric Wight (Frankie Pickle series) and Lisa Yee (Bobby the Brave [Sometimes]), all of whom have an uncanny knack for writing laugh-out-loud funny, illustrated chapter books that elementary school kids love. Moderated by Lisa Graff (Mothership).


1:00 P.M.  The Balls’ In Your Court. Guys will want to get reading with humor author favorite Jon Scieszka (Spaceheadz, Stinky Cheese and others), Gordon Korman (39 Clues) and Joseph Bruchac (Wolf Mark) as they discuss the latest Guys Read Volume 3, which combines the great pleasures of sports and reading. Moderated by Lisa Yee (Bobby the Brave).



South Dakota Festival of Books

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