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"Books You Don't Need In A Place You Can't Find"

Of course a place with so many authors and illustratorswould have the most awesome bookstore.

We were still staying in our lovely undisclosed location when we first visited the Montague Bookmill . . .


Set in an gristmill that was built in 1842, this amazing indie bookstore is on the banks of a river and located near Amherst . . .


After THE MOST DELICIOUS SALAD at Lady Killgrew, which is part of the Montague Mill . . .


. . . it was time to explore . . .


Wait! Who's that reading to Peepy? Why it's Susan Shilliday, ex-pat from Los Angeles -- a screenwriter (Legends of the Fall, Thirtysomething, etc.) turned Montague Bookmill owner . . .


Here's more to admire . . .


Ah, what a glorious bookstore!!!


BTW, it was so great that on our last day in the area, we returned to look at books and eat the delish brown rice and veggie salad . . .


Brace yourself for a rocky transition . . .

Whoa, DoSomething.org is amazing. They are "one of the largest organizations in the US for teens and social change." Recently, DoSomething.org editorial intern Molly Hornan interviewed me on their website. You can read it HERE.



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