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Racism Alive and Well in the South I have spent more than two-thirds of my life living in three small towns in America's South. I have also spent part of 30 summers on Cape Cod and other islands off the coast of Massachusetts. I went to college in New England and lived in two very large cities in...
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 (I reviewed this novel by a redroom author for another site.  She also writes under another name.  Can you guess?  It's a wonderful book, as you will find out if you read the review and the book!  And rumor has it it's soon to be a Major Motion Picture.  So, read the book before Hollywood gets...
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      Once upon a time, writers and journalists wrote editorials or op-ed pieces for that special section of the paper, and then, if people wished to respond they would write a letter to the editor and hope it would get published.   If the paper was the New York Times or the Washington Post, the...
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            In the middle of the last century, stories were told of poets in the then USSR commanding audiences of tens of thousands for readings.  America was astounded.  Poetry?  Not rock and roll?  Granted, the Soviet Union backed those poets and rock stars were, of course, not allowed to tour...
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Politics notwithstanding, it's been quite a week in my household indirectly, and directly in the household of people I love. After spending a lovely few days with Ellen and Lou in their mountain cabin early this week, I got a tearful phone call from Ellen Wednesday morning;  early that morning, her...
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Sometimes good things do happen....I am hoping for it to come in threes.  Recently I was informed that my panel: Women Writing Desire was accepted for presentation at the AWP Conference in February (in Chicago, of all places, burrrrrr) so if any of you are planning on coming, I would love you to...
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 (First published on blogcritics.com)  It has been widely reported that liberals are more pessimistic than conservatives.  Although I am not sure I buy the research I certainly fall into the liberal progressive pessimist category when it comes to the political process and the American public’s...
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For most of the  past week my mother sat on the front porch in a rocker and stared out at her beloved ocean.  She said "beautiful" a lot.  Last year's word was "gorgeous."  I don't remember if she had a word the first year we spent time together on Cuttyhunk Island.  She had...
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My husband and I like dives and joints, and we weren't going to Chincoteague for the food, so after a very mediocre meal at the place everyone recommended (probably because it is the only restaurant open year round), Bill's (pretentious décor, badly cooked food, frozen vegetables of the day, and...
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And people wonder why I don't brag about coming from Tennessee.  See the attached: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dawn-teo/tennessee-democrats-blame_b_107469.html    
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   My husband and I haven't had the opportunity to take many vacations, partly because we have only been married a year and a half and partly because time and money constraints have factored in.  We did, however, wish to get away for a few days this summer, alone, to someplace where we could relax...
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I like to think I am the kind of person who pays attention, who reads and listens to a variety of media.... who doesn't take for granted the daily newsreaders thirty second soundbites of information.  But, apparently, even as diligent as I thought I was, I missed something big.  Some really awful,...
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A few days after my teenaged daughter had her first math tutoring class we went out for pizza at our local and favorte pizza place and lo and behold, the tutor was playing music with some cohorts in the front of the restaurant.  The eatery has music a couple of times a week, usually, with, as I...
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I have been promoting my anthology Desire: Women Write About Wanting since it came out from Seal Press in mid November.  Readings at KGB in New York, Rosemary Daniell's Zona Rosa group in Savannah, and at  bookstores  and universities around Virginia,  as well as bookclubs in Virginia and Rhode...
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