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Today's writing question comes from Jo in London:My question is about the idea I've got. I know bits and pieces about the two main characters, and know what the premise is, but when it comes to actually writing down things that happen, all I have are various moments. They don't actually flow after...
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Lisa & Clifford the Big Red Dog
I had a close encounter of the Big Red Canine kind the other night when I went to the Cary, NC, Barnes & Noble to sign the more orders for my books. Derek & I had gone out to dinner with friends and dropped by the B&N so I could sign the books, and then we all had baked goodies in the...
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It's constantly debated in writing circles, and every author has their favorite method. Write a full plotline before beginning, or write the book by the seat of your pants? Me? I like the security blanket of a full plot outline. That being said, I usually stick to the basic framework of whatever...
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Today I'll tackle yet another great question that one of you sent me: How to choose which idea to develop and write about. If there are several ideas jumping around for your attention, which one do you choose? This is both an easy question for me and very difficult at the same time. Easy in that I...
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I recently had a question from one of my regular blog readers. I won't say the name because the friend who was giving this individual editing suggestions might be a blog reader of mine as well. I don't want to cause any waves there. ; ) But I do have permission to post the question and my response...
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The Trouble with Demons
It's finally here-- the release day for The Trouble with Demons! It should be in bookstores, mailboxes, eBook readers, and Kindles everywhere beginning today! Believe me, the wait has been just as hard on me as it has on you. Today is insane, crazy busy, so either tomorrow or Thursday, I'll be...
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Today I'm guest blogging over at Romance Bandits. It's a combination of an interview, the hot Raine & Tam scene that was posted on my blog yesterday, and a contest with a big prize pack. Plus, I'll be popping in to chat throughout the day. Come and join the all-day party! Kimber An over at...
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The Barnes & Noble in Cary, NC, has graciously offered to make signed and personalized copies of any and all of my books available for ordering.  Ordering couldn't be easier: 1. Email Linda Maloof at CRM2647@bn.com. She's the fabulous Community Relations Manager in the Cary, NC, store.2. Put...
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Cover of The Trouble with Demons
A scene from The Trouble with Demons, in bookstores on April 28.    "The demon said that if I came to him, he'd let Piaras and Talon live." Mychael went dangerously still. "He wanted you?" I waited a few heartbeats before answering, a little taken aback by his intensity. "...
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Here's a short snippet from my upcoming book The Trouble with Demons (in bookstores April 28).   Knowledge about demons came in three varieties: legend, rumor, and fact. Demonologists knew the facts; the rest of us floundered with legends and rumors; none of them were pleasant, and each of them was...
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I have several recipes that I'll make when I know the writing is gonna get hot & heavy, and I double the recipe so I'll have plenty to freeze. That way on those nights when I simply don't have time to cook, there's good eats waiting in the freezer. Last weekend, I made a double batch of...
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Book promo stuff.  We all need them, but where to get them on an author's limited budget.  Postcards, magnets, ad bookmarks -- I don't know what I'd do without them.  Tops on my list is VistaPrint. I adore this place! Not only is it unbelievably cheap, a lot of the time it's free! (Unbelieveable,...
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This morning I discovered some blog food for thought -- or since it's not even 7 AM yet, some breakfast blog food for thought. On friend and Sci/fi author Mark Van Name's blog this morning, he talked about going to see his kids in a production of a musical at their high school. It was the first...
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When I'm writing and including a new character, I'll very often leave a blank, or put the person's title in parentheses as a placeholder. I work on the names later. Yes, they're that important. I like to sit down and take my time to come up with just the right name. Two of my favorite name...
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Writers' Brain Gush -- I know it sounds disgusting, but to a writer with a looming deadline, it's a VERY good (though an embarrassing and potentially dangerous) thing. First the brain gush, then I'll get to how it's dangerous and embarrassing. I'm on Chapter 19 of probably 25 of Bewitched &...
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