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Pitching non-series fantasy novels

Another reader queston: So, what if you're writing a book that's not a series? Since fantasy readers like series books, how big of a problem is it for a writer to be writing a non-series fantasy book? I know Guy Gavriel Kay and Brandon Sanderson have done it, but I also know that just because someone else has done something doesn't mean it will work for me. And yet three of my four books in one stage of development or another are stand-alone books. Any thoughts?

While fantasy series are very popular, single books can sell equally well; and who knows, one of those singles just might bloom into a series. If you love the characters enough, or if the characters and their stories just won't leave you in peace, chances are you've got a budding series on your hands.

And even if those books choose to remain stubbornly single . . . honey, that's not a problem, that's prolific. Count yourself very fortunate that you've got that many ideas running around in your head. Nurture those babies.

I scanned my bookshelves to find some non-series, single fantasy titles that I've really enjoyed over the years:

Faerie Tale by Raymond Feist (I need to read this one again)
Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock
Merlin's Bones by Fred Saberhagen
The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

I know I have plenty more on my shelves, but like I said, this was a quick scan. What non-series fantasy books are among your favorites? I always love book recommendations.

Coming up tomorrow: Ye old Saturday Fun Pic featuring more photos from my and Derek's trip to North Carolina's Outer Banks. You get to see Derek on a horse and a rattlesnake on the beach. Now that's entertainment. And coming up next week, more of your writing questions. Keep 'em coming!